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Urmila Solanki

BBA in mass communication | Posted on | Food-Cooking

What are easy ways to remove bitterness from Karela?


head cook ( seven seas ) | Posted on

Bitter gourd or "Karela" in Hindi has many health benefits if one includes it in their diet. It helps in controlling your sugar levels, improves your respiratory health and boosts the immune system of your body.

It is a healthy vegetable, but many people don’t try their hand on it due to it bitterness. Below are some easy tips to reduce the bitterness of Karela.

1. Soak in Tamarind Juice

Cut bitter gourd into pieces and soak in tamarind juice for 30 minutes.

2. Scrape the outer surface

Scrape the outer rugged surface smoothly that will lessen the bitterness.

3. Add Olive oil

Finely cut bitter gourd into pieces and clean out the seeds and add olive while boiling them.

4. Deep Frying

Deep frying of bitter gourd while cooking it helps in removing bitterness from it.

5. Add Sugar

You can add some sugar to the bitter gourd dish before taking the dish off the heat.