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Ruchika Dutta

Teacher | Posted 05 Jun, 2018 |

What are friendly matches in Football?

Shubham sharma

Student | Posted 26 Nov, 2018

An exhibition game (also known as a friendly, a scrimmage, a demonstration, a preseason game, a warmup match, or a preparation match, depending at least in part on the sport) is a sporting event whose prize money and impact on the player's or the team's rankings is either zero or otherwise greatly reduced.

Shankar jangale

student | Posted 24 Nov, 2018

In club football, it is the clubs themselves who arrange friendlies with other clubs, often offering them some fixed amount of money or a percentage of the match earnings to entice them to accept the friendly proposition. These friendly matches are generally held in pre-season (before the local league schedule begins) and are held as way to get the players match-fit and get them sharp before the actual league season begins. Also, if a popular team comes to play for a friendly, the host team also stands to make quite an amount of money via the match earnings, so that can be financially beneficial as well to the host team.

International friendlies are generally held during the league season at pre-decided international breaks. There are no club fixtures scheduled at such times. International friendly match-ups are decided/approved by FIFA. These provide the national team coaches to experiment with team selection and tactics, and also allow them to assess the abilities of players they may potentially select for the tournament squad.