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ashutosh singh

teacher | Posted 26 Dec, 2020 |

What are Gandhi rules?

ashutosh singh

teacher | |Updated 22 Jan, 2021

Gandhi's brilliant guideline were;
  • to serve the British.
  • what's more, show false reverence.
  • Lie about each Indian custom.
  • Lie about Bhagwat Gita, other Indian legends.
  • Lie about Swami Dayanand Saraswati and Swami Shradhananda and so forth
  • Safeguard the Britishers from irate Indians like Sardar Bhagat Singh and so forth
  • Make a rank based split between Indians.
  • Practice pedophilia in the attire of Celibacy and so on
  • Gandhi was a wolf in sheep's clothing at that point, his thoughts and intentions questionable.

On the off chance that you actually find out about him, his works in subtleties you'll see him as an element dramatically overemphasized to be projected as an overwhelming character. All the more so after the marking of the Partition of India act and the Indian Independence act.