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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

What are great government projects which most of us are not aware of?


Ever since coming to power, Modi Government has been announcing many ambitious projects, day after

day, in nearly every possible sector, right from economics to housing to space. Yamuna Expressway, GIFT

city, Banihal-Qazigund tunnel (India’s longest railway tunnel), and more!

However, there are few projects, even though big in hope and budget, have rarely made it to the news

mainstream. Here are 3 of them:

 Neemuch Solar Power Plant in Madhya Pradesh

It aspires to be the largest solar power plant in Asia if completed successfully, spanning on an 800-acre

site. It is a 151 (DC)-Megawatt solar photovoltaic power project that can provide electricity to as many

as 6.25 lakh homes in MP.

 Interceptor Sewage System

This Rs 1,357 crore project promises to clean Yamuna. It is undertaken by Delhi Jal Board. The solution

sounds simple, implementing three interceptor sewage systems on the major drains (Supplementary,

Shahadra, and Najafgarh). The sewage water would be diverted to the treatment plans where it would

be cleaned. This would make the water usable for various other purposes, including horticulture.

 Narmada Canal Solar Project

This is one of a kind 10 MW solar project, expected to save 2 billion litres of water annually by

preventing them from evaporation. It is located at Chandrasan village near Mehsana, Gujarat, which is

designed to provide 1.6 million units of electricity per year.

There are few other projects that are just as grand, but less in public view, like Avatar RLV developed by

ISRO, Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, and India-based Neutrino Observatory.

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Blogger, Content Writer | Posted on

here are loads of government extends that are been anticipated at all levels and in our nation we have the majority that know about these undertakings and are venturing forward and greater part have enlisted themselves for such tasks which work for their advantages.

Rundown of Important Schemes propelled by the Modi Government

Equitably chose government is accepted to be devoted to the government assistance of the individuals. Remembering the government assistance of all areas of the general public the Modi government has made numerous new plans. For instance; The Atal Pension Scheme, Ujjwala Scheme, Gramodaya, Bharat Uday and Setu Bharti Yojana and so forth.

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