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Sher Singh

Social Activist | Posted on | Sports

What are interesting facts about FIFA world cup ?


FIFA Federation of International Football Association is a organizer of international soccer tournaments and governing body of football. It was governed in 1904 in Paris with only seven countries France, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and Switzerland as its member. Now there are 211 member countries in it. As FIFA 2018 fever is going on we should know some of the fascinating factors about FIFA.

•    Do you know the rumor is there that India withdrew from playing 1950 world cup tournament as they were not allowed to play barefoot.

•    In 1966 the world cup trophy was missing for 7 days prior to the beginning of the tournament.

•    The highest number of goals were scored  in a match in world cup history is 12. In the year 1954, Austria defeated Switzerland 7-5.

•    All world cups have been won by either European countries or South American countries.

•    Brazil is the only country which have won the trophy for maximum number of times, 4 times.

•    Mexico is the only country which has qualified for maximum number of times to play in world cup tournament. For the  16th time it is going to play in Moscow FIFA 2018 world cup.

•    11 of the 62 games played by England in world cup games ended in 0-0, more than any other team.

•    Brazil tops the list of maximum number of red cards (11) by a team in world cup matches, leaving behind Argentina (10) and Uruguay (9).

•    Helmut Schon of Germany holds the record of coach with maximum number of matches.