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Rakesh Singh

Delhi Press | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

What are Justice Clocks?


News reporter (CEN News ) | Posted on

As everyone knows what is the condition of present Indian judicial system. There are many cases in the courts which have been pending since ages. According to a report, more than 7 lakh cases are still pending in the country's District Court to the High Court and to curb such problems the government is planning to roll out a new rule, "Justice Clock".

It is basically a software that is named Justice Clock, itwill now help in resolving the pending cases in Indian judicial system. It has been prepared by the Union Law Ministry. It will be an international software that would connect district courts across the country. Through this, all the courts and their ongoing work will be interconnected. State governments have been asked to provide all the data of the District Court and the High Court for software.

The Modi Government is going to install Justice Clocks in the High Courts soon.These Justice Clockswill have LED message display boards that will show the daily rate of disposal of cases, the number of pending cases and also the individual rank of each court. The LED display across all the 24 High Courts will show the same thing. This is being done to create public awareness in judicial matters.