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Aditya Singla

Marketing Manager (Nestle) | Posted on | Sports

What are new technical rules in the Formula 1 racing?


Physical Education Trainer | Posted on

The Formula 1 season began this weekend with the Australian Grand Prix. Everyone's favorite, Mercedes driverLewis Hamilton, the defending champion, is the expected winner, but he can face a tough competition from another four-time world championSebastian Vettel who started the season on a winning note in Australia.

However, there are some changes have been made for this latest season:

1. The mandatory addition of the protective cockpit device known as the ‘'Halo’'.

2. Each drive now has to get through the season with just three power units rather than four.

3. Oil burning practice has also been tightened up. Only 105 kg of fuel is allowed to consume.

4.Sporting regulations governing grid penalties have been changed.

5. Pirellihas introduced two further dry-tyre compounds, so we now have seven instead of five, plus the two usual wet-weather compounds.



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2021 F1 vehicles will have a radical new structure theory and hitting new look - with clearing bodywork, disentangled front wings, greater back wings, expanded underbody streamlined features, wheel wake control gadgets, rearranged suspension and low-profile tires with 18-inch edges.