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Vansh Chopra

System Engineer IBM | Posted | Science-Technology

What are “plus codes” and how they help in finding places without addresses in India?


Manager at Amazon | Posted

Plus codes is a digital way to locate the address by generating unique codes. It is like a street address for people or places that don't have one. Plus codes give addresses to everyone, everywhere, allowing them to receive deliveries, access emergency services and many more.

Plus codes are free. There are no licensing fees or other costs. The technology is open-sourced. These codes can be used on Google Maps to get directions to a home or business


Recently, the technology giant Google has rolled out this new feature in India which allows users to generate unique virtual addresses comprising 10-digit codes for locations.


Users can share the code, which is generated by Google, to help others in navigating to the exact address. The good part is you don’t need a network connection. The service is also available in offline mode.



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