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Vanisha Anand

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what are precautions one must take in corona pandemic?


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Corona pandemic is increasing day-to-day and affect our lives in several aspects. We need to be very cautious about it. Some of the major precautions essential are as follows;

  • Avoid gathering and ceremonies
  • Do regular exercise and yoga
  • Wash your hands many times as possible
  • Eat healthy foods like green vegetables
  • Drink pure water and soups
  • Always wear masks whenever you are in public place and out of house
  • Avoid travelling
  • Maintain your health and try to make your immune system strongLetsdiskuss


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We all have been suffering from corona for a long time. Right? It started in 2020 and today we are in 2021 but still, the corona is there. The life of people has become more terrible during this second phase of the corona. Isn’t it? But we have to think of precautions. Right?

The corona home care and precautions are very important for two categories of people:

1.Firstly, those who have not yet been attacked by the covid virus.

2.Secondly, those who were somehow affected by corona but are out of danger for now.

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Following are the precautions one must take in a corona pandemic:

1.Please wear masks whenever you go out of your home. For better protection, try to use a covid shield as well. However, it is better to avoid going outdoors except in emergencies.

2.Even if it is required to go out of your home, maintain social distance with others. Also, try to avoid the frequent touch of your nose or mouth with your hands.

3.Every time you return home, never forget to sanitize your hands and wash your hands with disinfectant soap.

4.Do not forget that liquid cash is one of the main carriers of the Covid virus. So remember to wash your hands with soap or alcohol-based washing liquid after each time you touch money.

5.Consume the food, drinks, or medications that can boost your immunity and kill the virus of Corona.

6.Consult a doctor as soon as you feel a lack of breathing or fever. If all the symptoms of Covid are visible in you, take medicines and go for a covid test. It is required because you might be asymptomatic and may spread Coronavirus and harm others.

7.Several vaccines like remedisivir, covaxine, etc are there as a covid precaution. But remember the vaccines are not allowed for some people suffering from specific diseases.

These are the precautions to protect yourself from Coronavirus. Advice for the public is to try adopting the maximum Coronavirus precautions.

Another important advice for the public that can save you from Coronavirus:

If you are detected positive in the Covid-19 test, please remain in isolation for some days. It is important to save your closed ones and other citizens of this country from the claws of Covid.


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Corona virus has been spreading very fast since 2020.Many people has been lost their lives due to Corona virus. Till now no permanent treatment has been found. Even Vaccine has been invented. But it is not a permanent treatment. It is just a precaution nothing else. So, I advise the people to follow instructions as given by the government. Always wear mask. You should be stay at home. There is no need to go out without any necessary work. You should  always wash your hands regularly.  You must take vaccine. If there is any symptoms of cough and respiratory problems, then you should get Corona test. 


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