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What are reviews of Varun Dhawan starring movie October?


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The movie ‘October’ is garnering a lot of positive reviews from critics and the audience is also liking the movie. October is a unique love story that revolves around Varun Dhawan and the new talent Banita Sandhu. Dan (Varun Dhawans) is a student of hotel management and an intern at a top hotel in Delhi along with his batch mates.

An incident occurs at the hotel and due to that one of his colleagues Shiuli (Banita Sandhu), lands up at the hospital. This affects Dan far deeply than he ever imagined, and thereafter story takes a u-turn and Varun embarks on an emotional journey where he seeks answers and love in the strangest of circumstances.

The move is a worth watching for those who like romantic tales and according to a report by BoxOfficeIndia.com, the October took off a decent start and the opening day collection of ‘October’ was in the range of Rs 4.5-4.75 crore. These figures are expected to rise over the weekend.