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Jessy Chandra

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What are smart beds and scientifically whether they are helping us or harming us?


Marketing Manager | Posted on

When we are awake we are surrounded by smart technology and smart devices everywhere. From smart phone to smart home we came a long way in innovative way of living. Now the smart technology is extended its support to bring revolution in our sleeping. We spend one third of our day in sleeping. And that is the time when we rejuvenate ourselves and get energized for the rest of the time when we spend on productive activities.

Research were going on for long time to find out the co relation between sleeping patterns and mattresses & pillows. Now they came up with the idea of smart beds and smart mattresses. There are so many type of smart mattresses. Some mattresses comes with height adjustable or some can adjust the pressure of the mattresses.

But the latest smart mattresses have embedded sensors that monitor your movement and sleeping pattern, breathing pattern, REM sleep and adjust themselves according to your need. Some smart beds and mattresses came with snoring control, alarm and temperature control. Some smart beds provide spinal adjustments to help you when you are having back pain while other smart beds senses your position and movement while sleeping and make real time adjustments.

Smart beds can be connected to your smart phone. You can download apps like sleep tracker app, sleep IQ app and can connect with your smart bed depending upon its compatibility.

Definitely smart beds are helping us in our daily life, as better sleeping pattern leads to healthy life style and ensure our fitness mentally and physically.

Some of the companies who are manufacturing smart beds are The ReST Bed, Eight.