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Rahul Mehra

System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted on | Share-Market-Finance

What are some AI companies listed on NSE that I should invest in?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Before you invest in any AI (Artificial Intelligence) company in India understand that it must be for a long-term. Yes, AI industry is booming on a global scale, but in India, it will take some time to come into the mainstream. If you invest today, you would be an early starter. But don’t think that the investment would turn you rich in a year or two. You must give it at least 5 years to see a good return.
Now coming to your question—in India, there is no AI based public companies. Meaning, what you are trying to find, you won’t find them listed on exchanges like NSE and BSE. Sad!!

But that doesn’t mean you cannot partake in this industry. There are ways. First, you can reach out to private AI companies and show them your interest in putting your money in them. You can find details of such AI companies’ funding online. Perhaps their website would include all the information, where they might also list that they are looking for more capital. Additionally, you can contact some individual or any agency that can help
you network with them.

Another thing you can do to invest in the AI industry of India is look for companies who are crowd-sourcing funds. They haven’t yet formally started their company, but they have a promising idea that you can invest in. You can usually find such early-stage crowd-funding on platforms like Kick-starter.

Indeed, investing in private AI-companies would mean you would have to put more money than it would have been the case with the publicly traded companies. So make your choices carefully. Only invest in those organizations that are registered, have great products and are built on a sustainable model.

As for, currently, which AI companies in India are worth checking out? The list includes Formcept, AIndra Systems, Mad Street Den, vPhrase, and Arya.ai.