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Priya Gupta

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What are some cool inventions that many people don’t know about?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

One of the first things thatcometo mind is Senz, a storm-proof umbrella. When you’re walking in the storm with an umbrella, does it not happen to you than amid strong wind your umbrella turns upside down? This storm-proof umbrella solves that problem. Its unique design makes it virtually impossible to turn upside down.


Next cool invention isLifescribeWi-fi Smartpen. Write and draw anything using this Wifi enabled pen on a paper, and it will store it electronically inside its storage. Plug-in the built-in USB in your computer anytime and retrieve whatever you wrote or drew in digital documents. Check out the video review of this smartpen-


Slam door is another unique invention that we don’t know about—because frankly, we never needed it. This is a hardwood nesting door, built one inside the other. The grownups can walk through the larger size passage while the kids can use the smallest nesting passage. It’s bizarre and cool at the same time.

Here’s another invention that literally solves a big but rather stupid problem. It’s a heated butter knife. Do you ever find it difficult to cut butter after taking it out from the fridge? Of course, you do! Spreading it on toast is even more difficult. For this, this heated butter knife can be a total lifesavior.

There are plenty more such unknown inventions—some of them are cool and handy, others are totally absurd. Like dishes that clean themselves, hoodie backpacker, pizza scissors, fruit peeler, and toothpaste squeezer.

(Note: The images are taken from the product’s respective websites or online marketplaces like Amazon. They are used just for the depictional purpose and not for commercial.)