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Ruchika Dutta

Teacher | Posted on | Astrology

What are some Feng Shui tips to attract good vibes in home?


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There is no place like home and people live a large part of life in their homes. They spend a fortune to turn a house into a home. From some fancy lights to quirky curtains we do every possible thing to make our home a place that gives us a feeling of contentment. But yet at times we feel that our home doesn't have good energy.

Here are someFeng Shuitips that bring positive energy in your home:

1. Never fill your house with unwanted stuffs that you don't like. It makes you feel unsettled, nervous and lower your energy.

2. Keep a bedside table and put a good lamp on it. That cultivates positive energy in the room.

3. Your bedroom is the place where after a tiring day you relax and nothing can be more rejuvenating than breathing in fresh air there. Make sure you open the windows once a week to improve the ventilation.

4. Do not store unwanted stuffs under bed. According to Feng Shui, air should circulate as much as possible when you are asleep to allow maximum rejuvenation.

5. Paint your walls with basic and neutral colors to create a positive environment in your home. Too many bright color painted walls can be over stimulating and lead to anxiety.