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Prabhleen kaur

blogger | Posted on | Science-Technology

What are some future technology trends in 2020?


Software Developer | Posted on

Artifical Intellegence

Voice Search

Google Lense


student | Posted on

some leading technologies in 2020 are

1. Artificial intelligence

2. NLP

3. Blockchain

4. Edge Computing etc


Kanpur | Posted on

The list of some future technology trends in 2020:-



3- NLP

4- Blockchain

5- IoT

6- Edge Computing



blogger | Posted on

1) Digital Twins-

Digital twins can be used in various industries like manufacturing, automotive, construction, utilities, healthcare. Digital twins are the next big thing in the industrial revolution.

Digital twin technology covers the entire lifecycle of the product or service from conceptualization till it retires. The genesis of the digital twin was in the form of 3D CAD models designed for the new product introduction. Digital twin technology also helps your companies to improve the customer experience by better understanding there needs, develop and improve there existing products.

Digital Twin is a key technology to fully digitize our physical world. Today GE has more than 551,000 Digital twins and this count will continue to increase in the near future. Digital Twin will be the core technology focus area for all industrial services organizations.

2) Cyber Warfare-

Cyberwarfare refers to the use of digital attacks like computer viruses and hacking etc by one country to disrupt the vital computer systems of another, with the aim of creating damage, death, and destruction. Future wars will see hackers using computer code to attack there enemy's foundation, fighting alongside armed forces using conventional weapons like guns and missiles, etc. This is going to be the new battlefield in the near future an unseen invisible battlefield where teams of hackers from various nations will duel

Cyber warfare is probably the greatest challenge that we have as far as our nations national security is concerned. we have an advantage over every other form of competition with possible allies except one, that is cyber warfare and when you see the capability of what a successful cyber-attack can accomplish.

3) Facial Recognition-

According to the Oracle's Hotel 2025 report, there is growing passion for facial recognition systems which could be used to identify and even interact with customers, with 72% of hotel operators expecting to deploy such technology in the next coming years. You will be loading this software into the latest originated reality glasses from US company ODT. It will be meant to reduce a giant a database of images and information.

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