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Sikandar khan

Engineer at KW Group | Posted on | Share-Market-Finance

What are some good financial hacks that can make me more money in less time?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

There are many finance hacks that can make a big difference in your bank account. However, don’t expect them to make you an overnight wealthy person. Such hacks usuallygiveamarginalreturn in the short run andrequireyou to be consistent enough to see thebigresult.

One of the first hacks, according to me, is quite common and cliched—savings. Yes, even till this day, saving remains #1 finance hack. Put aside 15 percent of your salary in your bank account every month. And in the next few years, you would see a big fund stacked at your disposal. If not that, then start saving asmallamount from your daily expense every day. Store it in a piggy bank. After the year ends, you will have accrued a lot of money.

Next hack is limiting your expense. Yes, this is another common advice—but it’s very effective. Cut down your daily expense. Avoid hitting pubs every weekend. Avoid going to posh restaurants every other day. Instead of living in a grand apartment, live in a PG or share the place with others. Such practices can make a big difference in your finance.

Third, stop using credit cards. Seriously, stop. It doesn’t even make sense using themoneythat you don’t really own. Besides, several psychological studies have found that keeping a credit card with you makes you an impulsive buyer. So, use debit cards. Don’t take money from anyone. If you own someone some money, make it a priority of paying that debt off as quickly as possible. In fact, paying your debts is the #4 hack finance hack here.

Next,come the hacks in shopping which could save you big. Don’t always buy online. Even with all the discounts, apparels and accessories that you buy online are overpriced. So, head to your local market and makeofflinepurchase. Also, always be on the lookout for special discounts, coupons,andother such offers. Additionally, when shopping, avoid buying individual items and order in bulk. The more items you buy in one-go the more discount you can avail.

Now coming to investment—have long-term goals and not short-term. Pick the right stocks and mutual funds. Also, don’t get into all the hype of cryptocurrencies. Stay away from the likes Bitcoin, Ethereum,andRipple. Also, if you have the right resource and knowledge, invest in real estate. It’s the best investment avenue today.

These are few finance hacks that will make you big money—not immediately and quickly but definitely in the long-run.