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What are some good methods to teach technology to elder people?


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Elderly people are always keen to learn new things. But when it comes to technology, senior people are usually unsure and sometimes afraid to learn it. So it is on the younger generation to make them well-versed with the latest technologies at their own pace.

Here are some of the best practices to make learning technology easy for seniors.


1) Explain the relevance before going on to detail: First of all, you have to explain the significance of learning this technology before explaining the technical aspects. For instance, If you are introducing them to Facebook, show them the pictures of their grandchildren, and tell them it is so easy to see old pictures, meeting your old friends, making new friends, etc. it will help them understand the importance of technology and curiosity to learn more

2) Negative feelings about social media: Senior people often consider social media a waste of time and of no use.
Solution: Teach them how they can communicate with their closed ones through social media. For example, make a video call and let them talk to their grand-child face to face. The goal here is to explain the positive attributes of technology before actually teaching them how to use it.

3) Fears about Internet safety: Most of the senior adults have a trust issue regarding internet safety. They scared of sharing personal information in the digital platforms.
Solution: It is important to make seniors understand that by using encryption, passwords, and OTPs, the internet can be used safely. Just keep in mind that you should only add your personal information on the trusted digital platforms. Also, make them aware of frauds, scams, and spams on the internet

4) When Introducing New Tech Concepts, Build on Existing Knowledge: Comparing a new technology with something that senior people is already familiar with, will help them to understand it more effectively.

5) Avoid Technical Words & Use Common Language: Although using technological jargon among the youngsters is quite common, Seniors won’t necessarily understand what you’re talking about while explaining the technology. Make your explanation as simple as possible with common words and realistic examples.

6) Watch your pace: It might seem obvious, but it is very important to have patience and reminding yourself not to move too quickly when introducing a senior to technology. Pause after each step and give them a moment to understand & apply the things you’ve taught them. If you wanna make sure that whether you are on the right speed or not, all you have to do is simply ask them.

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I hope this information helps. Thank You!