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What are some good news due to the coronavirus epidemic ?


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LetsdiskussGood news during Corona Pandemic:-

In the midst of the fear, worry, and uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, each day seems to bring news that’s worse than the day before.

The cause for concern is justified. But, as in most major disasters, tragedies, and public health threats, there are reasons for hope, and even optimism.

The good news about the coronavirus pandemic:-

Most people with COVID-19 recover. And while thousands of people have died, the overall death rate is about 1% (or perhaps even lower), far less than MERS (about 34%), SARS (about 11%), or Ebola (90%), though higher than the average seasonal flu (0.1%).The loss of life related to this illness is terrible and far more cases are expected. According to the CDC, the vast majority of infections so far have afflicted adults. However, it’s important to note that children can develop infection. A recent study from China early in the outbreak demonstrated that a small number of kids, especially infants and toddlers, can develop serious infection. It’s perplexing, though fortunate, that this new coronavirus does not behave the way so many other illnesses do, in which the elderly and the young are particularly vulnerable.

The number of new cases is falling where the outbreak began. During his speech declaring the new coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, the director-general of the WHO pointed out that “China and the Republic of Korea have significantly declining epidemics.” The only new cases were “imported” from travelers arriving there.

Many people and organizations have stepped up to improve the situation. In the US, for example:Some major health insurers have promised to cover care and testing related to COVID-19.A number of celebrities and professional athletes have donated significant resources to help those taking a financial hit by the pandemic, such as the workers at the stadiums where athletes play.Newly approved legislation provides paid sick leave and paid family.