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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | Entertainment

What are some great English TV shows to watch?


Currently, there have been a lot of good Television shows that have been doing the rounds. Some are old and classic, while others are totally new and have got us gripped with every passing minute. Some of my recommendations for you are:


· Friends- This classic sitcom is a must for every list ever made. If by some miracle, you haven’t seen it already, then you definitely need to.

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· Gossip Girl- This one is for the all the women out there dreaming of an upper east side New York lifestyle that they could never have. Filled with all the juicy drama, insanely good fashion and even more so the looks, this one is a great pass time.

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· Crown- Based on Queen Elizabeth’s tale, and her rise to the throne, this relatively new show has been gaining a lot of thumbs up from people all around the world. To see the inside workings of a royal household, and all that goes within, the crown should definitely be your pick.

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· Breaking Bad- Not for the faint hearted, and specially not for people who can’t deal with a badass storyline. Breaking bad is not your average TV show. Based around a high school chemistry teacher who discovers he is suffering from cancer, and from there his rise in the drug cartel, this show has earned some amazing reviews, even from IMBD. And if you’re looking for a new genre to venture into, you need to try this one.

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· Game of thrones- The very fact that this show has earned itself its own special memes should be reason enough, even if out of curiosity, to give it a watch. Although, do mind, the fantasy story line is not every one’s cup of tea.

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Stranger things- A show that debuted on Netflix has now won every one’s hearts. Stranger things has had probably the most recommendations the past year from avid watchers.

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