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Sameer Kumar

Software engineer at HCL technologies | Posted on | Science-Technology

What are some interesting but less-known facts about mobile phones?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Here’s how the first ever cell phone once looked:

(Courtesy: Columbia Valley Pioneer)
We saw it first on April 3, 1973. And now, after four and a half decades, here’s how far we have come: 
mobile phone
 (Courtesy: Firstpost) 
It’s iPhone X, possibly one of the most advanced smartphones out there.  
And guess where we’ll be in the next few decades in this segment? The current concepts take us to la-la-land.
 iPhone X
cell phone
These are the concept of phones that we might see in the coming years.
Indeed, we have covered a long journey. And we’re all prepared to cover more miles. Let’s look at some of the interesting facts about mobile phones:
(i) The first handheld phone (in the picture above) weighed about 2.4 pounds. And you can clearly see how big it was; 9 x 5 x 1.75 inches to be precise.
(ii) Around the world, there are more 4 billion people who own a mobile phone. There are only 3.5 billion of them who have a toothbrush. Yes, we have come to a point where owning a phone is more important than brushing teeth.
(iii) According to a study by Cisco, by 2020, more people will have mobile phones than electricity, running water and cars.
(iiii) Remember Apollo 11? The space mission that landed first two humans on the moon? Well, right now, your Smartphone has more computing power than those astronauts on the Apollo 11 mission.
(v) Although the two names are considered synonym today, Google didn’t create Android. This OS was developed by a start-up. Following, in 2005, Google simply purchased it for an undisclosed amount.
(vi) You would think that since now industry leaders, the first ever Smartphone may have come from Apple, Samsung or even Nokia. But you’re wrong. IBM was the first company that introduced a basic Smartphone in the market, which could make calls, send emails, was a touch screen and had a stylus.
(vii) The average cell phone has 19 times more bacteria than a toilet handle. Thought your phone was clean?
(viii) The average person unlocks their Smartphone 110 times every day.
These are some interesting but less know facts about mobile phones.