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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | Science-Technology

What are some most promising technology startups in India?


Top 5 Most Promising Start-ups in India 2018

1. Healthians - India is known for its vibrant medical scene.

2. Zerodha - India is known for its vibrant medical scene.

3. Emflux Motors - This startup is one of those that have expressed interest in the motorcycle industry.

4. Ixigo - In the travel business, you will find many startups. Not many of them are doing what Ixigo is doing though.

5. Hotstar - Hotstar is a formidable player in the entertainment industry.


blogger,digital marketer | Posted on

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Blogger | Posted on

Have you ever traveled by inter-state buses in India? Well, you can book a ticket online, can track the whereabouts of the bus on your mobile, get into an awesome AC Volvo or Mercedes, and get a lip smacking home made dinner...NO...HOLD ON! Here is the hiccup...you get everything right, but don't tell me that the dinner you get is lip-smacking or home made. In fact, forget a good experience, most of the times the food is not even edible. Add to this the fact that you are at the mercy of the bus driver for your food - because he decides the time as well as the place you would have your meal. 20 minutes is the approximate time they allow you to loosen up, go to the restroom, order your meal and consume it. And all this happen while scores of other travelers have ordered their meals as well from the same food joint.


Entrepreneur | Posted on

There are many technology startups in India and in their own ways, they look very promising. Here are 3 names that I personally think will be much bigger names in the tech world in the coming days and would redefine their niches :

· Koinex- It is India’s one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange, touting a large consumer base in just a span of one year. It facilitates buying and selling of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and more. In reality, this company has played/is playing a pivotal role in bringing the craze of virtual currencies in this country. As the blockchain technology progresses, so will this startup.

· FarMart- I believe any startup serving the agriculture sector should be highlighted obsessively. And this one definitely needs everyone’s attention. This company helps farmers rent their different types of underutilized agriculture machineries via mobile app to other fellow farmers. The application is really smooth and highly functional. It’s basically an Uber for farming machineries. When you look for any machine and equipment, the app will help you locate the nearest person who is offering what you require. In the coming days, this could be a complete game changer. Many believe this solution can put a big dent in how much farmers take loan to support their farming.

· BigDeals- It’s a simple platform that brings property buyer and property developer at a single place. The solution, completely end-to-end, facilitates buying real estate online. It provides a very simple process along with personalized assistance with very cool features. If you’re scared of buying properties online, this one can totally change that.