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Shashi Kumar

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What are some must have Android apps?


Blogger | Posted on

Launcher App: Nova Launcher. ...

Assistant App: Google Assistant. ...

Keyboard App: Swiftkey. ...

Video Calling App: Google Duo. ...

Note Taking App: Evernote. ...

Office Apps: WPS Office + PDF. ...

Google News. ...

Cloud Storage App: Google Drive.


Software engineer at HCL technologies | Posted on

Google Playstore reached to 3.3 million apps in March 2018, and still counting. So it is justifiable for any android user to be confused about which apps to install and which to not. While you should rather be ignoring the useless and narcissistic apps like Tick-Tock and B612, some apps like Facebook Messenger and Google News have their significance when they are handy.


Here is the list of some android apps for every android user:

Nova Launcher

This is by far the best android launcher app. The features and customization options that it has are extraordinarily amazing. Nova launcher supports customization of app-drawer, notification badges and folders and icons very effectively.


I don’t think there needs to be an explanation to be given for the installation of this app. If you are fed up of mainstream Bollywood and useless TV daily soaps, Netflix is a must have. No appreciator of art can stay away from this app for long. Yes, it’s better than amazon Prime.

Google Duo

It has a simple interface, and hence is one of the best video calling apps. You can also consider Zoom, as it allows you to face time with multiple people at the same time. With these apps, video conferencing is as smooth as a phone call.


This is a must have app if you are bad at remembering your passwords for the multiple accounts. It does not only keep your passwords and credentials safe, it also creates password suggestions for you when you are setting a password.

WPS office + PDF

This makes your phone as efficient and useful as your laptop or desktop. It supports Google docs, Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs, spreadsheets, and much more. It comes with a PDF converter and editor, and helps you share files as easily as possible.


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