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John Colson

@letsuser | Posted on | Science-Technology

What are some of the most interesting facts in science that you have come across?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

There are more trees on earth than there are stars in the Milky Way.

Three things about this fact:

1. It's not necessarily a "fact in science".
2. It sounds too good to be true given there's so much hullabaloo to plant more trees. But since National Geographic, a relatively trustable name, confirmed this, we ought to believe it.
3. I just find it very interesting (and good). So I had to mention it.

Now coming to your exact question - "interesting facts in science" - there are MANY.

The Stars and The Past

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Wait But Why)

One of the most mind-boggling ones is that when we look at the stars, we're basically looking back in time.

YES, when you look at the stars, you're looking into the past.

Stars are far from earth. Their light travels a great distance before reaching the earth atmosphere.

Sirius, a bright star, is 8.6 light years away from us. Meaning, when its light hits our eyes, it has to travel for 8.6 years in the space to cover the distance between its inception and our eyes.

8.6 years. In the past. We're looking. When we look at this star. (Super) Interesting.

(So, the next time when someone wishes they can go back in time, show them the stars! ;))

Here's another fact…

The Size of Eiffel Tower

facts-about-science-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Curiosity)

The size of the Eiffel tower changes in different seasons.

The size of this iconic tower in Paris is 324 meters. However, in summer, its height can increase by as much as 6.75 inches. This happens when the heat falls on its metal, which leads to thermal expansion.

Pretty interesting, right?

Folding Paper To Reach The Sun

facts-about-science-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Science ABC)

You can't fold a piece of paper for more than seven times… at least not the regular papers.

However, hypothetically, if you can manage to do that and fold a piece of paper 50 times, its thickness would exceed the distance from here to the sun.

And if you can fold it 103 times, it would be as thick as the universe.

To read more on this, please go here.

Some other interesting facts in science

• A bolt of lightning is 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun.
• According to astronomers, per an estimate, 275 million new stars are born every day.
• Holding a hand of someone who you love can help reduce your physical and emotional pain.
• Venus is the hottest planet on our solar system and NOT mercury.
• The world's quietest room is -9 decibels and is quite enough to hear your own blood flowing. The silence can cause hallucinations. And the longest anyone has been able to be in that room is 45 minutes.
• Venus is the only planet that spins clockwise.
• Chocolates can kill gods. It contains theobromine, which can affect their heart and nervous system.
• Bats are the only mammal with wings.
• Water can exist in all three states at one. It just requires a very specific condition to achieve that.
I am sure there are many more facts in science that I don’t know about.

These are some though that I find interesting.