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What are some study hacks every student should know?


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Here are some proven study hacks which will help you memorize your lessons and study effectively:

• Make a study planner and a time table. These two things will give you a road map to follow and will save you from unnecessary digressions.

• Always have your exam schedule handy as this will save you from wasting your time.

• Try completing the hard topics of your syllabus before the easier topics. This will make you feel way less burdened and will free your mind considerably.

• Don’t miss on your power naps thinking they’ll waste your time. They will, instead, make you study longer and a much freshened mind.

• Just like naps, walks too are very important to revive your spirits for long and serious studies. Remember that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy!


• If your studies and pending workload is making you anxious, you should try meditation. This will make you calm and everyone knows the importance of a calm mind when it comes to studies.

• Whatever you are studying, practice it by drawing and writing. Make tables, flow charts, or pictures –whatever makes you understand and remember your lessons better.

• Use different color pens or highlighters while making notes. That makes the demarcation more visible and helps in better understanding of a particular topic.

• Always keep the notes, main points, tables, flow charts, and diagrams of the hard topics pasted on the wall to which your study table is facing. This will save you from flipping the pages again and again whenever you are stuck somewhere.

• Always be sufficiently fed and slept before sitting for studies.

• Always discuss whatever you study with teachers, classmates, and friends. Questioning and discussing things gives an edge to your understanding and knowledge.


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