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What are some unknown facts about the Tirupati Balaji Temple?


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We as a whole realize that Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam is the most extravagant and perhaps the most adored hallowed places in India. However, there are such countless intriguing enchanted realities out there past the ordinarily known random data. Like the way that the icon of Lord Balaji wears genuine hair. Or then again, that the hallowed articles for love are not privately sourced. What about this one – the symbol of the divinity tends to perspire!

Mystery of an obscure town

For the custom love of the gods housed in the Tirupati Balaji Temple, the blossoms, explained margarine, milk, spread milk, heavenly leaves and so on are sourced from an undisclosed town situated around 22 kilometres from Tirupati. The little town has never been seen or visited by any untouchable aside from its own kin.

Icon of the god isn't in the middle

The icon of Lord Tirupati Balaji put may seem, by all accounts, to be remaining in the focal point of the sanctum sanctorum, yet in fact, it isn't so. The icon is really positioned in the correct hand corner of the hallowed place.

Genuine hair of Balaji

The hair worn by Lord Balaji is velvety, smooth, without tangle, and totally genuine. The story behind those impeccable locks goes this way – Lord Balaji, during his system on earth, lost a portion of his hair in a sudden setback. A Gandharva Princess named Neela Devi immediately observed this episode, and cut a part of her brilliant mane. She offered her slashed bolts modestly to the god and mentioned him to plant them on his head. Satisfied with her commitment, the god acknowledged the thoughtful contribution and guaranteed that whoever visits his altar and penances his/her hair at his feet will be honored. From that point forward, it has been a custom among enthusiasts to shave their head off in the sanctuary previously or after their cravings are satisfied.



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