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Ajay Paswan

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What are subtle signs that a girl likes you?


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There’s no denying that how a lot of men feel nervous when a woman approaches him first. A majority of men do the things the old school way like making the first move, asking her out on a date etc.

However, in order to make sure that she will say yes and she likes you, you have to be very confident and since I am no fortuneteller I can only help you by writing subtle signs that she likes you.

1. She is the ice breaker

Especially, if you’re the one who can't start a conversation, she always tries to start a conversation, the more she talks to you, the more she gets to know you. And the happier that makes her feel.

2. She laughs at your unfunny jokes

Having a good sense of humor is nothing less than blessing but sometimes your sense of humor doesn't sync with hers and still she finds you hilarious then she is the one.

3. She is decked up when she meets you

You will notice this only when you meet her in person. When she is hanging out with peers, she dresses normally like any woman her age would. But when she’s with you, you can see that she made an effort to look her best and that means she’s into you.

4. Her replies are quick

She doesn’t let keep you waiting for replies hours. She replies you faster and wants a conversation keep going as long as she can text you.

5. Subtle touches

Have you noticed that the physical contact between you two has been increased? She can comfortably sit with you and if she does brush her shoulders or hands against your body then for sure she likes you!