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What are the 10 must have Android apps?


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In today’s world where technology is the main source to keep ourselves updated, android phones are the most efficient and reasonable source of information and keeping your game strong in this fast pace world. Technology is the need of the hour and cell phones have become the new necessary, gone are the days when people used to use keypads and other devices to communicate. The following mentioned are the top 10 android apps which turns out to be the most helpful in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and entertainment purposes.

1.Google Assistant – This application provides a better experience with the whole virtual life, why use fingers when you can speak and make your work done, exactly how an assistant works and fulfils all our demands.

2.Google Maps – It’s one of the most popular and used apps currently as it provides with all the directions and shorter routes to reach the destination with utmost comfort. It also provides you new updates shorter routes, under construction roads and traffic jams.

3.Weather – The most essential application to be updated with the weather forecast for the coming week, helps in planning the day ahead with amazing graphics.

4.Google Drive – The application that provides you the best experience with all the important documents, helps in transferring, forwarding and arranging the documents without any hustle.

5.Netflix- With all the popular web series, movies and inspirational series from all around the world , the best of the best all is here with quality and quantity.

6.Amazon- With changing times and new technologies, online shopping has become an essential part of our life’s. It’s one such platform that provides all the products (A to Z) at a single platform without any hustle.

7.Paytm- After demonetization the government indulges to increase the use of online banking and payments , it makes it easy and hustle free without any involvement of cash in hand.

8.Instagram- Helps you to keep in touch with the world nationally and internationally, the best source of social media in today’s world.

9.Ola/Uber- The best applications when you have to keep running without hustle , easy to use , amazing options, truly transparent and pocket friendly.

10.Microsoft Teams- This application is the need of the hour, due to corona we all are stuck in this quarantine and have to work from home, teams provide an opportunity to set up meetings and provides you with the options of video calls and voice calls as well.