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What are the 3 basic makeup items for everyday flawless look?


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With every new day, comes new opportunities and one should always be ready to face them with brilliance and confidence, makeup and showing off that perfect skin might be difficult for most of the ladies out there but it’s always preferred to look attractive and presentable. A little bit of practice and knowledge can help you to pull off that perfect every day makeup but no makeup look ( light coverage makeup) with less and affordable products which can be efficiently used by any female, be it an everyday college look or office look you can easily use these products and pull off an extremely elegant, beautiful and sophisticated look. Here are the 3 major products which will help you in achieving that perfect flawless makeup.

1.Concealer- It is an important product, which helps you to hide the flaws like pimples, acne marks, scars , wrinkles etc. A good concealer will help you achieve decent coverage and also will eliminate the need of using foundation and powders, sometimes a lot of layers may leave your makeup look cakey and might settle into your pores which is extremely unflattering and might break your skin.

2.Lipstick- Once we achieve the perfect base now it’s time to add some colour and pigment on your face, the only product you need is a lipstick with pink or red tint in it and that’s it. You can use it as a blush and dabbing the extra from your cheeks, it adds beautiful pinky tone which looks extremely fresh and natural, you can use a lipstick in a form of lip tint by just putting a very little amount of it and smudging off the extra and at last it can be used directly on your lips to achieve that bold look.

3.Mascara- This is an extremely essential product in every girl’s vanity, a mascara and actually add so much to your look. It makes your lashes looks big, fuller and elongated within no time. It makes you look awake and adds so much personality to your look.

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It's extremely basic. In the event that a full face of make-up takes me 8 minutes, at that point this takes me only 5.

Coconut oil (Parachute oil) : A couple of drops all over, here and there combined with the tonic fog from Forest basics.

Highlighter as eyeshadow (Bobbi Brown) : I utilize the gleam blocks by Bobbi earthy colored which include a moment fly of shading to my eyelids. One swipe with a fat brush, and you're all set.

Winged eye and kohl (Stila and Stila/Nars) : The Stila kohl is acceptable to the point that you don't require eyeshadow to give the kohl that slight smoky impact. It accompanies another blender at the botton which gives that impact to you consequently.

Some BB cream on the face (Clinique) : I generally do my face make-up in the wake of doing my eye make-up to maintain a strategic distance from eyeshadow falling all over. I utilize the BB cream on a standard day, and establishment on a day when I am going out.

A pink lipstick (MAC Mangrove) : This shading is incredible. Indeed, even without a lip preliminary and pencil, this shading sets truly well all the rage. It's additionally the correct shade of pink for me. Some place in the middle of hot pink, and extremely delicate pink.