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shruti arya

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What are the 5 major health tips that should be followed by women?


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Today’s women are always on the go and ready for every challenge and responsibilities that comes in her way, therefore it’s important to take care of their physical and mental health for an overall well being. As when you’re healthy and fit one tends to take better care of others, here are 5 health tips which should be followed by every women regardless of their age and lifestyle.

1. Avoid smoking, alcohol and drug abuse
Such practices gets you involved into addiction and then there is no going back, it harms your physical health and take a huge load onto your mental health as well. Smoking and alcohol consumption increases the chances of lung diseases and heart attacks.

2. Goodsleep

It is important to relax your body and give it at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep daily. A good sleep will ensure a better and energetic next day, it helps in overall betterment and restoration of the body, helps in maintaining a better digestive system, good skin, relaxed mind and boosting up your immune system. A good sleeping pattern will also ensure to keep you happy and relaxed it minimises anxieties and stress levels, the most common problem with people is stress it’s caused due to overthinking and continuous working of mind. Sleep will help you calm it down which is also going to save you from further chronic health conditions like high blood pressure, migraine and diabetes.

3. Avoid excess of sun

Don’t come in direct contact with the sun during 10am to 2pm, as they are harmful for the skin. The direct contact to the sun rays and lead to sun Burns, rashes and even skin cancer and nothing can be more worst. Always make sure to apply a generous amount of SPF 30 or more on your body and face, try to cover your face with a scarf and wear sunglasses when out. If spending more time under the sun, try to carry an umbrella it may protect your head from the direct rays of the sun.

4. Skin care

With time your skin also starts loosing it’s glow and radiance, do not hesitate in investing in good creams and treatments for your skin. Ageing is very normal and natural process which happens to everyone, no one can stop it but yes we can definitely delay it by taking some precautions before it’s too late. After the age of 30, skin starts looking dull due to dark spots and skin discoloration, well this is a sign that you need to take care of your skin. Invest in a good skin care and follow it religiously, make sure you take care of your diet and eat all the right fruits and vegetables.

5.Never skip your doctor appointments

It is advised to go for regular check-ups every now and then, notice your body very closely take an extremely closer look to the birth mark’s and moles on your body. Consult a doctor immediately if anything looks inappropriate or fishy, it is necessary to get it checked and cured.

Make sure to see your doctor every year for a regular check up even if you’re feeling good in terms of your health and body, after the age of 40 take regular check-ups for blood pressure and diabetes and if in case it runs in your family take it extremely serious and as a sensitive issue.



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The greater part of sicknesses are dew to an inappropriate food we eat and wrong way of life.

In the event that we follow the accompanying wellbeing tips regardless of sexual orientation, one can remain sound,

Eat real food, amounts to nothing which comes in covers. You can your stomach full - organic products, vegetables, lentils, beats, rice, wheat and millet. No pastry shop items, no milk and milk items, no non veggie lover, no generally useful flour(maida), no white rice, white bread, no desserts, no seared stuff, less sugar and salt.

It's smarter to eat two times each day rather than three and no snacks in the middle

Drink parcel of water in any event 3 liters for each day.

Rest in any event 3 hours after the last dinner of the day.

Exercise in any event 5 times each week for least of 40 minutes to 60 minutes. It doesn't make a difference what work out - whatever you like.

Regardless of lining this you may wind up with a cardiovascular failure or a stroke if your feelings of anxiety are high. Lessen feelings of anxiety by carrying out a responsibility which isn't distressing or do contemplation.

Rest is another significant thing - rest great number of hours - in any event 7–8 hours.