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shruti arya

blogger | Posted on | Health-beauty

What are the 5 ways to boost your immune system?


Marketing Manager | Posted on

1 - Yoga / physical activities

2- Ginger with hot water

3- Walk approax 30 min daily

4- Use proper use of green vegetables & Fruits

5- Avoid Junk food


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Health is the primary and important key of an individual. Because if a person is physically, mentally and socially fit he can achieve anything in life. And if our immunity system is strong its maintain our health well and keep the diseases away from our body. So we are discussing several ways that how can we maintain or boost our immunity.

1. We should get proper sleep it will increase our brain and thinking power and heal our body.

2. Try to eat vegetable and fruits .

3. Keep your body hydrated and avoid unhealthy soda drinks.

4. Engage yourselves in modern exercises.

5. Try to use herbal with your diet and water.

6. Try to manage stress and anxiety level.


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While looking at the current scenario, the need for a better and stronger immune system is an asset as of now, who wants to catch cold and cough or even infections during such a crucial time, absolutely no one. Also there is not as much help which could be provided as the doctors and other health care institutions are way too busy to control the current situation.

Therefore it’s our responsibility to take good care of ourselves during this period, here are 5 ways to boost your immune system which will help you achieve a better health even in the longer run.

1. Physical activities

A regular exercise helps in maintaining a healthy and strong immune system, moderate to high intensity exercises ensures various benefits like mobilization of immune cells and helps the body to defend itself from various bacteria and viruses. High intensity exercises like weight training, running etc may affect your immune system moderately therefore it’s essential to take care of your diet, include vitamin rich foods, keep yourself hydrated and make sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise also helps in delaying the aging process and releases feel good hormones which ensures a better growth of mind and body.

2. Stress Reduction

Stress can lead to many problems and disorders like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases. The major causes of stress are overthinking, draining your mind and energy, concentrating on unnecessary things and the reasons are countless. Stress and tension can take an extreme load on our body and mental health, it leads to sleeping disorders, hypertension, helplessness and anxiety.
Chronic stress weakens your immune system and metabolism, which leads in getting more prone to bacteria and viruses, this is a very intense type of stress which needs to be treated urgently. Meditation, yoga and deep breathing helps calming down your mind and brain cells, with its regular practice one can definitely see visible changes and results.

3.Smoking and alcohol

Smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to degradation of the immune system, smoking and alcohol all together harms a lot of organs and can lead to extreme health issues like lung cancer, heart failure etc. Such practices increases the risk of adapting bacteria and numerous viruses in your body.

4. Goodsleep

Sleeping is a very good and essential habit one needs to incorporate in their lifestyles. A good 7-8 hours sleep in the night can do wonders for your immunity and overall health. It makes the immune system more stronger and helps in preventing bacteria and viruses. Good sleep makes sure that your organs are getting enough rest and oxygen so that they can self heal and protect themselves from minor infections.


It is an extremely important practice which should be included in everyone’s daily routine, make sure you keep your hands and feet clean because those body parts attract most germs. Always take a bath with an anti fungal soap, so that it keeps the body clean and germ free. Always keep in mind to wash your hands before cooking and wash them with Luke warm water and a germ free soap after sneezing or coughing. While travelling, always try to carry an alcohol based sanitizer which can be used when there is no availability of water and soap.



Founder and CEO | Posted on

To fortify insusceptible framework, you can utilize the home cure referenced beneath.

1. Ginger


* One spoonful of ginger

* somewhat more than some water

Strategy for use:

* First of all, save the water for warming.

* When the water turns out to be somewhat hot, add ginger to it.

* Cover it and let it bubble for three minutes.

* Now channel and devour it.

* This procedure should be possible two times every week.

How is useful:

Ginger is ordinarily utilized for medical advantages. It can fix numerous sorts of infections of the body by immunonutrition and mitigating response. Additionally, the calming properties present in it can show compelling consequences for muscle torment

2. Garlic


* 3 to 4 buds of garlic

* Half a teaspoon nectar

Technique for use:

* Make a glue by squashing garlic.

* Now add nectar to it.

* Now utilize this glue toward the beginning of the day or night.

How is gainful:

The invulnerable framework can likewise be reinforced by the utilization of garlic. As per a logical report, garlic is known to have immunomodulatory properties, which assume a significant job in regulating the safe framework, assisting with expanding the body's invulnerable framework