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Ruchika Dutta

Teacher | Posted on | Health-beauty

What are the advantages and disadvantages of consuming “Ghee” (Clarified butter)?


yogacharya at Dwarka Sports Complex | Posted on

Almost all of us like to have ghee in our meals. Some people are so fond of Ghee that even after cooking the food in ghee, they pour some extra amount of it after the whole dish is prepared. All of us like to consume ghee according to our own taste preferences. Ghee is used in many different food items, like with chapatti, in Dal, with rice and pulao, and so on. In gratifying our taste buds, we often forget that over consumption of ghee can have harmful effects on our body.

Now coming to your question, before telling you the advantages and disadvantages of Ghee, I’d like to tell you that the nutritional components of any food, especially vitamins, are divided into two categories –water soluble vitamins, and fat soluble vitamins.

Vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin D, come under the category of fat soluble vitamins. For these vitamins, consumption of ghee is very important. Ghee proves to be very profitable when it comes to the need of these fat soluble vitamins in our diet. Ghee has “omega fatty acids” which help in improving the capacity of human brain. It also helps in maintaining liquidity in the joints of our body. The attention needs to be paid on the amount of consumption according to one’s ***** needs and in right ratio.

According to Ayurveda, ghee is very beneficial and it also helps in increasing the duration of your lifetime. The most advantageous of all is the ghee obtained from cow’s milk.

Other Advantages:

1. It checks the lack of vitamins in body.
2. Ghee keeps the human brain active
3. Maintains the liquidity in the joints.
4. Maintains the quantity of regular fat in body.


1. Pregnant women should not consume ghee
2. Don’t consume ghee when you have cold.
3. Never consume ghee with honey. It’s harmful.
4. After having ghee, don’t eat anything at least for half an hour.