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Gautam Mahajan

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping?


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The E-Commerce market has taken the World on its hand. Nowadays, online shopping has become a fashion trend. Half of the population prefer to buy online rather than purchasing from the market. The rapid changes in technology are taking electronic banking to great heights. 
You must be thinking about why people are going crazy over these online companies. 
Let's look at the countable benefits of purchasing a product online.


1. Accountability -
The best part of buying online is that it's accountable to all. The wide range of products give better choice to make. The only thing you need is good internet. With a large variety, we get a good discount and offer that keeps us hooked for a longer time. 

2. Save your time-
Shopping is a tiring process that requires a great time, patience and money. Online shopping gives you the benefit of buying from home. Everyone loves to stay in their comfort zone and do shopping. 

3. Easily accessible-
Everyone knows how to purchase on these sites. The Internet has brought a storm in raising high income as millions of people prefer to buy online. 

4. Wide range-
Shopping sites offer a wide range of products from electronic goods to cosmetics, clothing, jewellery and footwear. For every age group from child to adult, products are easily available at a good price. 

Online companies like Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon and snapdeal are abundantly flourishing but, it has hindered the flow of capital in the market. These sites have taken a toll on small business. 
One can't ignore the fallback of the small owners that once stood with pride in the market. 

1. Higher risk for small sectors-
Though it brought comfort in our lives by buying online it did great harm to the small owners in the market. As their products were left untouched and unattended. It severely affects the demand for the product.

2. Open door to fraud-
Companies are also practising fraud by selling low-quality products. Some of them refuse to refund the money. This brings trust issues among consumers. 


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Advantages is you save time a lot. 

Disadvantage is you might not able to know the quality of products, but that is for specific products like clothing. 


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Advantages of online shopping: It saves time, Disadvantages: We cannot able to judge the quality of products.


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