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What are the advantages of ruby programming language?


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Ruby is basically a type of object-oriented programming language. Ruby and ruby on rail are almost the same. Ruby on rail is an open-source framework which is written in Ruby programming language. There are many advantages and disadvantages of ruby programming language.


Advantages of Ruby on rails:

  • The ecosystem of a ruby on rail is better than other frameworks.
  • Besides, its very safe and secure compared to other programming languages. All data are secured with high privacy so that it never gets hacked.
  • Its one of the simple and easy programming language for all the programmers.
  • It provides faster operation facility compared to other frameworks.
  • As by the definition we can come to the conclusion that it’s an open-source framework.
  • Ruby on rail is very consistent in nature.

Disadvantages of Ruby on rails:

  • The runtime speed in a ruby programming language is very slow and hence provide slow performance.
  • It is not very flexible.
  • The boot speed in ruby is very slow and hence it’s the most popular disadvantages of ruby programming language that most developers complain.
  • The documentation in ruby on rails is not so good.

People find it very difficult to figure out the main difference between ruby and ruby on rails. You may ask is ruby on rail a programming language? Ruby on rail is a web-application development software source. It is the framework which is used in creating website using ruby programming language.

Ruby vs Ruby on Rails:

Ruby and Ruby on Rails create very confusion. Ruby is basically the programming language and ruby on rails is the framework used in developing websites.

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