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Rahul Mehra

System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted on | others

What are the apps which can make my commute safer?


System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted on

There are a handful of mobile applications that can make your commute safe. However, which one should you download depends on where you live. Because such apps are usually launched by thestategovernment or local police! So have your city’s police introduced any application like this? You need to find that out. For example, only recently Mumbai police launched an app called ‘SecuCare’ for asafercommute.

But to answer your question,hereare few universal safety apps that are very popular, like:

  • Safetipin: An all-in-one safety app that includes features like GPS tracking and emergency contacts.
  • Smart24/7: The app sends apanicalert, as well as record voice and capture photographs automatically when you’re in theproblematicsituation.
  • Scream Alarm: Push the button and the phone screams loudly in woman’s voice.
  • bSafe: It includes live GPS tracking, as well as a unique timer feature which sets off andsend,alters to emergency contacts if you haven’t ‘checked in’ for a long period.
  • Shake2Safety: Just shake the phone and the app will send SOS message to your emergency contact even when it has no internet connection.

These are 5 apps, mostly handy for women, which can make your everyday commute much safer.