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Rahul Mehra

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What are the benefits of eating Eggplant?


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Eggplant is very rich in calories and fiber, which keep our digestive system healthy. Many of us don’t like having eggplant, but truth be told, it is one food item that must be incorporated in our diet. Eggplant even helps us losing excessive weight and can prove to be very effective if incorporated properly in our diet.

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100 grams of eggplant contains just 25 grams of calories.

Some benefits of eating eggplant:

1. Helps in reducing the weight

Eggplant contains fiber and that prevents us from feeling hungry very often, and this makes it advantageous for those who want to lose weight. Eat eggplant instead of going on a diet to prevent yourself from losing your strength and stamina.

2. Helpful for digestion

The dietary fibers in eggplant make it good for the smooth functioning of our digestive system as well. It also prevents stomachache and constipation.

3. Strengthens the bones

Eggplant also contains iron and calcium. This means that eating eggplant makes your bones strong and increases your stamina.