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Dharm Dass

Working with Maruti Suzuki | Posted on | others

What are the benefits of filling nitrogen gas instead of normal air in car tyres?


Marketing Manager | Posted on

Nicely written i like your answer but as per my knowledge nitrogen filling costs is different in all states.

In Chennai, there is one at Medavakkam. You need to fill fuel for Rs 1000 or more to get free Nitrogen, or pay 5/tyre.

Nitrogen in Bangalore Costs 20 rs per tyre first time and 10 rs per tyre afterwards.  

Nitrogen in Hyderabad Costs Rs.40 for 5 tyres. 

Nitrogen in Mumbai Costs Rs.40 for 4 tyres. 

Nitrogen in Pune Costs Rs.20 for 4 tyres. 

Nitrogen in Chandigarh Costs Rs.25 for 4 tyres. 

Nitrogen in Delhi Costs Rs.20 for 4 tyres.



Ex. Managing editor at Indian Cars Bikes | Posted on

The air we breathe is 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen. Nitrogen gas is non- combustible, non-flammable, non-corrosive in pure form and environmentally friendly. Nitrogen tyre gas does not attack or oxidize the rubber of the tyre from the inside like air does. It is a pure gas, so it does not hold heat and the tyres run cooler. Letsdiskuss

• The key benefits are a slower rate of pressure loss and cooler running temperature of tyres.
• The molecular structure of nitrogen differs from that of air, in such a way that it escapes through the tyre’s inner liner or tube at a slower rate than regular compressed air.
• The result is a dramatically slower rate of pressure loss in a tyre filled with nitrogen. For example, it might take up to six months to lose 0.14kpa with nitrogen, compared to just one month with compressed air.
• Tyres inflated with nitrogen also run cooler than those inflated with air, with some significant advantages.
• One such advantage is an improvement in tyre life of up to 20% because by reducing the tyre’s running temperature, you can increase its tread life.
• Improved road handling is another benefit that stems from cooler running tyres.
• As tyres heat up, their inflation pressure increases, which then reduces the size of the tyre’s footprint - the area that has contact with the road - the tyre then loses grip because of this smaller footprint. So the cooler they run the better the tyres will grip the road.
• Nitrogen should lead to reduced corrosion - because unlike air there's no moisture in pure nitrogen
           Note: Generally, nitrogen filling costs INR 25/- per tyre and lasts longer than normal air.