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Kanika Malhotra

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What are the benefits of morning meditation?


Healer, writer | Posted on

This question has the potential for a two-hour-long lecture or a three thousand word essay to get across even a superficial message. However, I am going to scrunch that information down to about two or three hundred words and hope to satisfy the immediate curiosity of the asker of this question about the benefits of morning meditation. There will definitely be obvious gaps in this answer, which I am sure will trigger further questions, revolving around the subject of meditation. That is expected and welcome.

To begin with understand the meaning of the word meditation. Meditation means; becoming familiar with. “Becoming” familiar with what or who? Well, “becoming familiar with your inner being” What does this achieve and how. When you are able to quiet your mind and “become familiar with” your inner being, you will be guided by your spiritual GPS.


And when you are guided by your own GPS, you are less likely to be swayed by all of the trials and tribulations of daily life. The trials and tribulations of daily life fill your mind with all the gyrations of just existing. And while you do that, most of your thoughts (approximately 60 to 70 thousand) a day, are thoughts of battling, challenging, judgment, resentment, failure, depression, and or anxious thoughts, of approval and acceptance. It is proven that with meditation you suspend these negative thought patterns for the duration of the meditation.

So that, in its most rudimentary form is the very first benefit of morning meditation. You slowly develop the ability to suspend all the regular thought patterns that gives you a certain degree of clarity to begin carving fresh and new thought patterns.


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