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Sonam Sharma

Business Development - HR | Posted 03 Oct, 2018 |

What are the best colours for walls according to Vastu?

Ram kumar

Technical executive - Intarvo technologies | Posted 04 Oct, 2018

The colour of the walls of your house depends on the directions as well.

• North direction is considered as the place of Goddess Lakshmi. Paint the walls placed in North direction green as it represents happiness and prosperity.

• North-eastern part of the house is considered the most auspicious. Painting this part with white and purple colour would be good. Don’t use any dark colour except purple in this part.

• Walls facing north-west direction should not be painted white. Any other colour can be used.

• Walls in south-west direction should be painted yellow or orange. In south-east direction, brown, off-white, or yellow color can be used.

• Paint your drawing room yellow to bring auspicious vibes and positive energy.  

Dharm Dass

Working with Maruti Suzuki | Posted 03 Oct, 2018

Vastu Shastra is given a lot of importance by people. Even if someone don’t believe in astrology, they would still follow Vastu instructions. According to Vastu, the color of a room depends on the nature and the purpose of the room.

Vastu does not only include the construction of the house, but also the placement of various things in house in a right way. Vastu says that the colors of house and rooms influences the nature of those residing there.



Pink, sky blue, and light green color, are auspicious for bedrooms. For children’s bedroom, green is the best color, as it represents happiness.



Kitchen is the most important part of the house. Called, Annapurna, it is the place from where we are fed. For kitchen, white, yellow, rose pink, orange, or red color could be chosen. According to Vastu, it’s auspicious and always keeps you fulfilled.

Dining Room


Dining room should be painted with light colors. Choose pink, blue, or green color for that. Avoid using black or white color in dining room.



Vastu suggests that bathroom should have white, light yellow, or pale green color. Don’t use dark colors in the bathroom.

Guest Room


Guest room should have light colors. Yellow, blue, green, orange, or lavender are good for guest rooms.

Children’s room


Children’s room as mentioned earlier should have green color according to Vastu. But if you want some variety to make your child’s room look more attractive and vibrant, then you can choose the color of their room according to their zodiac signs. If you paint you children’s room with the color suitable for his/her zodiac, it will bring positive energy to them.  

Translated from Hindi by Letsdiskuss