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What are the best companies for outsourced video editing?


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On the off chance that you have continuous requirements for video altering, I welcome you to consider contracting somebody from the Philippines. I've completed a starter look at Onlinejobs.ph, to limit the laborer profiles:


A video editorial manager can be enlisted from $400– 250 low maintenance, to $450 and up full-time, in the event that you enlist from the Philippines.

I'll disclose to you a smidgen about our video altering work process:

We use Dropbox to transmit the crude film. It's transferred into a "task" envelope.

I make a to-do in Basecamp to dole out the undertaking to our Video Editor.

At the point when the Video Editor is done, they react to the Basecamp task with a connection to their completed video (additionally transferred to Dropbox).

On the off chance that essential, I answer with corrections.

When I originally began, I had a couple of instances of video styles that I like, so we could build up a couple of layouts. This wipes out the need to provide inventive guidance for every video as I can reference one of our formats.

We additionally have formats for video thumbnails for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Facebook promotions (since pictures utilized for advertisements must have less content),

We've additionally as of late started utilizing SHAKR for exceptionally short recordings, for social sharing or commercials. The majority of this is hands-off for me. I simply make the substance (when fundamental), and have my group handle the rest.


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