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राहुल ओबरॉय

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What are the best experiences you get studying at IIT?


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Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself - John Dewey.
Education and learning should be treated as a way of living our life. If you ask any human being from any country, when they had the happiest moments in their life, 90% people's answer will be either their school days or their college days.

In India studying is not that difficult compared to getting admissions in any premium institutes like IITs. We have limited number of good institutes to study compared to our population growth. Preparing for JEE or NEET is a larger than life challenge for students.

If a student desired to have admission in IIT, he should pass JEE Main and then JEE Advanced. It is regarded internationally as the toughest exam for admission. IIT is the most prestigious institution in India and recognised by world over.

After the Bahubaliyan task of passing the JEE, the course in IIT will definitely be easy to any intelligent student. And the life will be more exciting as one can have class mates from different parts of India with different culture. This is the place where the creamy layer of intelligent youth of our country resides. So your tastes, habits will change for good and the level of intelligence will multiply because of the environment you belong.

The foremost attraction of IITs are their faculty. You can have a very intelligent professors and friendly lecturers in IIT. IITs have labs with cutting edge technologies with modern equipments. There are courses which have collaborations with foreign institutions. So if you are good in your studies, you may go to a premium institute in another country to complete your course for some period.

And the main attraction in studying in IIT is its campus interviews and jobs with unbelievable remunerations. If your CGPS are great, you may get a chance to work in global IT giants like Google, Microsoft and so on. And if you are bitten by IIT culture, you may become an entrepreneur by setting up a startup.

Those who are in 12th now prepare well for JEE 2019 and get yourself once in a life time opportunity of IIT admission. All the best.



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Talking materialistically, I would state that LAN is the most astounding thing any IITB'ian would have encountered during his stay here. You get the opportunity to utilize extremely quick web without really paying. At the point when I go for excursion breaks, I am edgy for the net here. You pay more and despite the fact that, the speed is very less. The system of IIT Bombay is very quicker than it's individual IIT's.

What's more, the light scholastic burden is another astonishing thing that one would understanding during their days here. IIT Bombay has similarly less scholarly burden than the remainder of other IIT's. Understudies from Electrical division may have very higher long periods of classes, yet even that remaining parts under 30 per week. Understudies from Civil and Meta are the least bustling understudies scholastically, with under 20 hours of classes for each week. Though, understudies of other IIT's have around 34-36 hours of classes for each week. Furthermore, the best part is, IIT Bombay beats every single other school in the situations, regardless of whether it is as far as quality or amount.