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Medha Kapoor

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What are the best fashion trends for summer 2022 ?


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With regards to summer style, less truly is more. In any case, to get explicit, we made sure about the specific runway trends for Summer 2022 that are moving on the most recent large scale. Our Gen Z is drooling over these looks that have been curated back from the time of the 80s and 90s – which supposedly they have missed when they were children.

Some are self-evident, some are dark, and others are ones we wish we considered first. Here are the top 5 fashion trends for the summer of 2022 that you should try if you haven’t.


Top 5 Fashion Trends For Summers -

  1. Micro Minis

Seen most of the celebs sporting micro-mini skirts back in the 90s. but you couldn’t try that fashion trend as you were just a kid at that time. Now that you’ve all grown up then why not try wearing Micro Minis team up with sporty shoes or stilettoes? At this point, you've most likely experienced Miu's viral skirt. And keeping in mind that you could figure this thing just works for more sultry temps, you can convey into fall with a couple of printed leggings easily.


  1. All That Glitters

We are digging into each an amazing open door to spruce up this year. Whether it's days out with companions or an easygoing supper at home, you might choose to dress serenely, yet with a bit of the right glittery dress that will make you shine in the crowd.

  1. Play With Neons

Come 2022, there isn't the smallest reason for neutrals. Not when the various blends on the catwalks look this delicious. Take Valentino, where chocolate brown, raspberry, and cerulean blue are blended to flavorful impact. Neons are too much in fashion. Neon shirts, neon tops, and even neon dresses – you should have at least one neon dress in your wardrobe. Gone are the days when summers meant only pastel or soothing shades. Neons in summers are rocking in 2022.

  1. Larger than usual Shirts

Pull out all the stops with strong shirts in intense tints, which we initially saw at Valentino in Kelly Green. This is the right time to incorporate large-sized shirts into your closet. Or if you do not want to invest in buying something larger than your size, then try your daddy’s shirts. I am sure, you will love wearing them up with denim or even as shirt dresses

  1. Loose Denim

Gen Z is attempting to persuade us to tweeze our eyebrows back to '90s lengths-we will not yet they do have us on this pattern from that very ten years: very loose pants. Seen at Missoni, larger than usual denim works incredibly with going-out tops, but on the other hand, they're a characteristic decision when you need to go here and there around town in something intrinsically agreeable.


Try out these fashion trends and I am sure you are going to rock the floor. If nothing, then do try oversized shirts once. These are some trends that are back with a bang -  and now you have the time to try all of them.


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