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What are the best food items cooked by you?


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LetsdiskussIf you think that dishes like paella, risotto, and lobster are best enjoyed at fancy restaurants, re- evaluate . What if we told that you simply could easily cook any of those within the comfort of your own kitchen? And, because you control the ingredients, you'll also save on calories, fat, sodium, and sugar? If you’re still skeptical, keep reading.

What often stands between a restaurant-quality meal and a homemade dinner is an approachable, easy-to-follow recipe.

Cooking risotto is like watching a baby—both need constant attention (and tons of love)—so making it reception are often an intimidating task. Nail it, and you've got an ultra-luxurious

dinner fit a special day . While traditional risotto uses Arborio rice, our whole-grain version makes clever use of the traditional grain farro. Like risotto, your “farrotto” should be creamy and a touchrunny, but not overly thick. Cook the grains to a wonderfully chewy al-dente and

serve directly , because the farrotto will thicken because it cools (you can thin it out with extra stock if needed).

Named for the vessel during which it’s cooked, paella may be a perfect meal for 2 or a bigger group. This classic Spanish rice dish is festive and fun to eat, but an extended ingredient list—seafood, meat, sausage, vegetables, seasonings, and more—can deter some home cooks from making it. However, with a few tweaks, you can make it at home in under an hour. Our effortless recipe builds vibrant flavors by cooking each ingredient within the pan. Yes, saffron threads are a touch of an investment, but they need a really long time period .