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What are the Best free android games 2019?


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In our opinion, the list of the best games of 2019 (and 2020) looks like this:

PUBG Mobile. This game has been on Android for a relatively long time, however, the project does not cease to be very popular among mobile shooters. There is a small island on which 100 people land, they collect weapons, ammunition and try to destroy everyone who gets in their way.

Brawl Stars. This is a mixed MOBA genre with a shooter. There are several battle modes, mostly team ones, but you can try your luck in 1 vs 9 mode, where everyone fights for himself. The graphics are very high.

Asphalt 9: Legends. amous races with more than 50 cars, a bunch of trial and a lot of additional content. Although, many fans didn’t like the fact that in this game acceleration control happens automatically. The graphics are quite decent.

Realmcraft. A free Minecraft-style game with over 100 thousand downloads per day.. The game has the classic modes of creative and survival, as well as the Worlds mode with 30 ready-made worlds, where you can build with friends.

NOVA Legacy. This is one of the first successful shooters for android. The game has a sci-fi storyline that sets it apart from other shooters. There is an elementary crafting system and multi-user mode.