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Sumil Yadav

Sales Manager... | Posted | Health-beauty

What are the best hair oils for men in summer?


Makeup artist,We MeGood | Posted

As the summer has almost come. Most of the men stop oiling their hair. Pollution, dirt and harmful sun rays result in bad hair with excessive dirt and grime. Don’t give up on oiling thinking it’s the hot season. Here are the top five hair oils for men:


1.   Avocado Oil

For: Tangled, brittle and damaged hair.

Full of Vitamins A, B, D, E, iron, amino acids, and folic acid Avocado oil is light and smooth for your hair. It  locks the moisture in your hair and acts as natural SPF that strengths your hair.

2. Co-count Oil

For: All hair types

It is widely used in India and easily available. Co-count oil is good for all hair types. It is a multi-purpose oil that boosts hair growth, helps in get rid of dandruff and gives a shiny sheen to the hair.

3. Jojoba Oil

For: Dry and damaged hair

Jojoba oil treats dry, damaged, dandruff-prone and tangled hair. It gets completely absorbed by the scalp. It is a non-sticky and non-greasy oil. It is odorless, and has antibacterial properties.

4. Almond Oil 

For: Thinning Hair

If the volume of hair is getting reduced and suffering from hair loss, almond oil is for you. Rich in Vitamin E, regular use of almond oil boots hair growth. It is also acts the cleansing agent for hair and helps in get rid of dust and pollutants with just one wash.

5. Olive Oil

For: Sensitive Hair 

Suitable for those who have sensitive hair. It promotes healthy scalp and because it’s anti-inflammatory and lightweight. It is also works as a great conditioner for hair. 


Blogger | Posted

Olive Oil

Appropriate for the individuals who have touchy hair. It advances solid scalp and on the grounds that it's mitigating and lightweight. It is additionally fills in as an extraordinary conditioner for hair.


govt employee | Posted

Everything relies on finding the correct solution for you.

Hair oils are characterized with various hair types.

Discover yours and go get it ;)

1. Argan oil: Best for dry or bunched up hair.

2. Coconut oil: Best for all hair types.

3. Macadamia oil: Best for amazingly dry or harmed hair.

4. Kalahari melon seed oil: Best for touchy skin.

5. Almond oil: Best for beating dandruff.

6. Baobab oil: Best for boosting development.

7. Marula oil: Best for occasion hair.

8. Abyssinian oil: Best for fine hair.

Locate the correct one for yours and rock it. :)

Ps:- Personally I use Emami 7 Oils in a single Hair Oil as it comprises of all the significant fundamental oils for our hair and sculp.

You can let it all out too ;) its quite modest and solid. What's more, above all SAFE :D



Blogger | Posted

Conditions Hair-Your hair needs consistent dampness and molding to keep harm under control. Dry hair is more vulnerable to harm than adapted hair. Dryness can prompt a great deal of issues like split closures, breakage, frizz, and horrendous hair surface.


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