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what are the best mystery or suspense novels in wattpad?


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Wattpad is seen as readers’ and writers’ paradise. On the website, the writers get to publish their writings, in any genre, and the readers get to read them there free of cost. The stories and novels published there are more than just pulp fiction, and some have even seen the day of light and reached till print publications.

So if you are a voracious reader and are tired of reading classics and pulp fiction, you can surely try mystery and suspense novels available for reading on Wattpad. My favorites are given below:

Something New by mandybetha (Amanda Abram)


The story of heartbreak and romance, this novel tells you that both love and life are of the same nature, being unpredictable and unexpectant.
Necromancy in D Minor by IntoTheTempest


The story of this novel revolves around the protagonist, Octavia, who is a necromancer in the disguise of a music teacher. She is travelling the world to make the world free of netherborne.
Saving Elliot by northbynorth


It’s quite realistic and takes you to an emotional ride which is as full of ups and downs as you can imagine. It is the story of a girl named Elliot who hates her namesake Ell, but later falls in love with him.