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Prashant Kumar

@letsuser | Posted on | Entertainment

What are the best things about Amazon India?


Makeup artist at Jawed Habib | Posted on

There are many things that are the best about Amazon India. First of all, let me be very clear that Amazon is better than Flipkart, which is just following the footsteps of Amazon. Now moving further, it’s the customer friendly characteristic of Amazon, which makes it better than Flipkart.


Some of these characteristics are as follows:  

• It gives you cashback, if you make the payment via pay balance.

• Delivery postpone with Amazon is so easy and hassle free. Just call the customer care service of Amazon if there is no one to receive the delivery, and you are all sorted out.

• Cancelling or refusing a delivery is an option with Amazon if you find exactly the same product at cheaper rate after placing your order.

• If you don’t like the product, the money can be refunded by Amazon India.

• The place of delivery can be changed, if it is within 25 kilometers distance of the place you entered while placing the order. So if you expected to be at office on the date of delivery but the turn of events sees you home, you can still get your order.

• Not for changing everything, you have to contact customer care. Things like changing recipient’s name, can be done even with the website.

These are some things which I like the most about Amazon India.  


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