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Riddhima Saha

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What are the best tips for bridal makeup?


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Here are some essential hany tricks and tips to get that perfect look on your D-Day


Tip #1 Use oil-free products

Remember to stay away oil-free products to prevent a shine from building up on your face. Also, try and keep blotting sheets handy and gently blot if you feel your face gets oily.

Tip #2 More is good when it comes to your dday makeup

Your wedding is the one time when you usually apply more makeup . The camera tends to tone down the look. Make sure that the products are not simply plastered on and maintain a good balance while using products.

Tip #3 Practice the makeup look

If you are planning to do your own makeup, practice how to do bridal makeup several times before the D-day. On your wedding day too, start with less because it is much easier to add than to remove.

Tip #4 Primer = The most important part

After washing and moisturizing your face, apply a primer. Apply this before foundation. This will not only minimize pores but also it will keep your makeup look fresh all day long.

Tip #5 Use makeup applicators, avoid fingers

Always use makeup applicators when applying foundation, and never use your fingers. You could transfer bacteria from your fingers to the face as well as products

Tip #6 Concealer trick

Apply the concealer after the foundation to avoid cakey look.

Tip #7 The natural look

If you prefer the natural look, go for a cream blush. .

Tip #8 Blush trick

Smile, apply the blush on your cheeks an then blend the blush well into the temples.