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Medha Kapoor

B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) | Posted on | Health-beauty

What are the best yoga for weight loss at home for female?


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We have all been associated with Yoga for ages. Yoga is associated not only with weight loss for many but also to keep your lifestyle healthy and happy. But if yoga is done appropriately and with commitment, you can see fast outcomes. It doesn't simply help your adaptability, and emotional wellness, in addition, consumes calories rapidly.


Weight loss has turned into a significant objective for us all; don't we as a whole need a conditioned body? Haven't we as a whole attempted severe eating less junk food and extreme actual exercises? However, we have fizzled. In any case, yoga can offer you a lot greater number of advantages than different activities, supporting your excursion to weight loss.

Not at all like eating less junk food and working out, yoga advances the sensation of totality, newness, and empowers, which eventually works on your emotional well-being also.


In this way, we should discuss a couple of yoga represents that will assist you with shedding pounds rapidly and tone your body:

  1. Plank pose (phalakasana)

A board is an incredible posture for reinforcing your center. You could observe it as basic, however, the advantages are massive. Doing boards reinforce your shoulders, back, posterior, thighs, abs, and center. To do aboard, get in the place of a push-up, and with the strain of your hand, wrist, and elbow, lift your body from the mat. Look descending and loosen up your neck. Stand firm on the foothold as long as you can.


  1. Bow pose (dhanurasana)

Searching for a method for conditioning your tummy and back? Then, at that point, bow posture can help you. This asana fortifies your center and stomach region, works on your stance and stretches your full body. It deals with the back, chest, abs, legs, hips, and arms. To play out the posture, remain in a face-down position, twist your knees and hold your lower leg with your hands keeping your knees hip-width separated. Lift your chest and thighs off the floor, while holding your lower leg. Proceed with breathing and attempt to hold the posture for 20 seconds.

  1. Triangle pose (trikoseonasana)

Triangle present actuates lower obliques, fortifies thighs, further develops blood course in the whole body, and eases spinal pain. This posture can launch your weight-loss practice as it assists with consuming the fat around your gut and midriff. Stand with your feet around three feet separated, twist down, turn your left leg marginally towards the right, and set your right foot forward. Perform this exercise for 20-30 seconds daily.

  1. Bridge Pose

Rests on your back, twist your knees, keep your feet level on the floor, and press down. Presently push your middle up, setting your hand under your hips, palm looking down. Your head and neck stay on the floor level. This posture deals with the thyroid, glutes, shoulder, spine, thighs, and back, which assists with further developing absorption and muscle tone, reduces hypertension and menopause side effects and is subsequently extraordinary for weight loss.

Although all these exercises are very simple to do at home for all the females. But if you are suffering from any particular health issue like backache or migraine or any other illness, you need to seek to consult with your doctor or your yoga teacher before doing it at your risk. 


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