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Satindra Chauhan

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What are the biggest mistakes in money heist series?


La Casa De Papel is one of the biggest hits of the netflix. In India it has gathered immense love and popularity but it is known as Money Heist. Recently it has released the last part of the show and concluded the series. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the final season to see their fate and the team did not disappoint anyone. Beside the good points there were some mistakes which we noticed throughout the series. Lets see some of them:


  1. In one of the initial episodes it was shown that Tokyo was twelve years older than Rio but later on Berlin and other mates reminded Rio that she was fifteen years older than him.
  2. In season 3 Arthuro once said to his fans that he feels sympathetic towards his son but how did he know the gender? as they were hiding that time.
  3. Raquel’s mom had the disorder of forgetting everything. She forgets that she smashes the coffee mug after one minute but she remembers that the professor told her that they made love.
  4. In season 2 how the clown, who was the Professor, could even enter the hospital? There was supposedly a high security alert in the hospital.
  5. In season 2 Raquel could recognise the professor as the clown by only seeing a thread of hair on his blazer which seemed quite unrealistic.
  6. When Tokyo was reentering the bank she didn’t even get a scratch with so much firing from all sides which is a bit difficult to digest. And there has been a similar scene where Gandia was getting shot in the hallway from two angles by four people but no damage was done to him.

There were quite a few mistakes in the Money Heist series but these were the ones that were pretty obvious!

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