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Urmila Solanki

BBA in mass communication | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

What are the career options for a 22 year old male not having any degree?


System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted on

A 22-years old male (or female) without any degree have just as many career options as the non-MBBS graduates.

Did you know that 60 percent of engineering graduates are unemployed and 80 percent of them don’t have the skills to qualify for ideal profiles? Or did you know 93 percent of MBA graduates, too, are unemployable? Guess what these “graduates” do for their living? Likely take some diploma, or start their own business, or go to call centers.

In this age, it’s a plain and simple fact—college degrees are basically useless, unless you’re passionate about being something that requires a degree like MBBS. Be it a writer, artist, marketer, mathematician, actor, architect, care taker, entrepreneur—you don’t need any degree for these. Top companies (the smart ones) have started caring less about the education qualifications of the candidates and started prioritizing their experience, emotional intelligence and personality when hiring. Because they know formal higher education has gotten as ***** as possible. Colleges are no more a place you learn. You simply waste 3-4 years of your life on campus in the name of education—while most of the time students don’t even study.

If you want to be something—you simply be! Majority of courses, today, are basically a big fraud. They are just there to mooch money off the students. You don’t need them. Because any smart company, they wouldn’t care much about your formal education qualification for as long as you’re self-sufficient and self-learned. There are many online courses there from top colleges—most of them free. Take them up. Learn, get a job in any company to gain experience and keep on learning.

For non-graduates, there exist seamless career options. Just find what is that thing you like doing or are passionate about and then dive into it. Learn and gain experience—for both you don’t need to enroll in any college and spend your fortune on fees.

In fact, the fact that you have saved your money from unnecessary college tuition fee is commendable and a thing to rejoice. There are millions of students who are drowned in education loans, carrying a degree that holds no real-world importance.

Good luck :)